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Paraffinum Liquidum (Torr hud)

Paraffinum liquidum (PL), also known as liquid paraffin, is a petroleum by-product and is created through distillation. PL is often included in formulations because it is believed to help the skin retain moisture. The skin has a natural barrier that prevents moisture loss and helps keep the skin stay supple. Some individuals experience a weakening of this barrier due to genetic factors, aging of the skin, and damage due to skin conditions. Therefore, PL is formulated into skin care products to create a protective layer on the skin that helps retain hydration.

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HelloSkin’s experts were unable to find any scientific data or clinical trials regarding the use of PL in people with Dry skin (xerosis), despite the fact that it have been used widely for many centuries. Moisture retention is an important and often overlooked factor in skin care. Healthy skin has a natural barrier that prevents water loss, but in psoriasis this barrier is often weakened, which leads to increased water loss and subsequently severity of symptoms.

Koncentrationen av en ingrediens är viktig för dess effektivitet, och därför är det möjligt att produkter som innehåller samma ingrediens inte nödvändigtvis har samma effekt som i de ovannämnda studierna.

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